7 Creepy Videos Of Toys Losing Their Batteries Will Make You Believe In Satan

Either hand us a stake or a new pack of Duracell.

When electronic toys that run on battery power start to lose their juice, what happens next can only be described as evidence for the existence of pure evil and all things demonic. We’ve all seen it before, back when our beloved Christmas presents from days of yonder decided to slowly give up on us around when it got to about April. Their movements start to become heavy and occasionally they’d let out a sporadic jitter but most horrifyingly the inbuilt sound effects start to slow down and sound a bit like the mating calls of the unholy ruler of Hell.

Witnessing an old motorised plaything dwindle until it becomes a malevolent unpredictable being can be a pretty scary thing to witness to the average small child, overprotective parent of said kid or Bible enthusiast. These videos will have you clutching your rosary beads and perhaps questioning whether there isn’t something a little bit more paranormal behind all of these devilish noises rather than a mere lack of energy.

According to Becky Robinson, the uploader of this video, her step-dad gave her this particularly nightmarish Louis Armstrong singing doll as a joke present many years ago. Perhaps the long departed soul of the late Jazz singer decided that it didn’t want his entire life’s work to be appropriated in the form of an exceptionally distasteful gift by a whole bunch of white people and took matters into his own bodiless hands. Rather than allow them to carry on mocking this oddly bobble-headed figurine of himself, we reckon his poltergeist made a special appearance to show them a thing or two about humour. Either that or he just needs a couple more double As put inside him.

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