53 Year Old Spectator Smashes 21 Year Old MMA Fighter


A 53 year old spectator smashes the fvck out of a 21 year old MMA fighter. Next stop: UFC?

Unless you’re a pussy you probably enjoy watching hard as fvck sports like UFC, MMA, boxing, ice-hockey and bowls so this one’s for you.

Some guy was out with his boyz to watch some blokes slam each others’ faces all over the place in a Fire Extreme Fighting MMA event (which featured UFC Light-Heavyweight, Stephan Bonnar) in Illinois, America over the weekend but there were rumours flying around that, for one of the fights, one of the fighters wasn’t going to turn up. So, what does the guy in the crowd do? He, apparently, agrees that if the fighter doesn’t turn up, he’ll fight instead. And he does. On an hour’s notice.

Yeah, that’s what I thought –  a set-up, surely? But, after watching the fight I’m not too sure. The guy is 53 and he’s fighting a guy less than half his age. After a minute the old guy looks fvcking knackered and I felt a bit sorry for him but after about another minute he unleashes a right hand that floors his opponent. Obviously, the guy’s had some training but it’s still pretty epic because he looks pretty fat and is really sweaty after about 20 seconds.

Next stop: 53 year old guy vs Anderson Silva in a UFC main event? Highly unlikely but the video’s worth watching to watch an old guy lay an MMA fighter (albeit a pretty shitty one at that) the fvck out. Go to 2:20 if you wanna cut the bullshit and just watch the punch.


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