These 50 Things Are The Reasons You’ve Been Dumped

Bad date

Relationship ruiners.

Everyone’s got their own personal deal-breakers when it comes to relationships, whether it be anger issues, being bad in bed or having too much/not enough hair down there.

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However, while everyone differs on what they don’t like in a partner, it turns out that there’s a very common deal breaker in the UK and that is bad body odour.

Yes, according to a survey by e-cigarette makers blu, 72% of people believe that BO is the biggest turn-off in a romantic partner and three quarters of those said it would be their main reason for ditching someone that otherwise seemed perfect. Who knew that a stick of deodorant could have such a significant impact on a couple’s relationship?


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The study, which questioned 2,000 daters, discovered that the second least popular trait was a bad temper. Other deal breakers included wearing bad shoes, having an annoying laugh and talking about themselves in the third person (I’m totally on board with that last one). Here are the top 50:

  1. Body odour
  2. Bad temper
  3. Lying
  4. Being selfish
  5. Bad breath (cigarettes)
  6. Bad breath (unidentified food)
  7. No sense of humour
  8. Yellow teeth
  9. Eats disgustingly
  10. Having dirty clothes
  11. Being rude to waiters
  12. Had nothing in common
  13. Dirty fingernails
  14. Smoking
  15. Smelly feet
  16. Talking about exes too much
  17. Being sexist
  18. Bad fake tan
  19. Being jealous
  20. Being obsessed with money
  21. Took too many selfies
  22. Being cheap
  23. Bad breath (coffee)
  24. Can’t handle alcohol
  25. Referring to themselves in the third person
  26. Someone who looks at themselves more than you
  27. Dandruff
  28. Talked about babies/marriage on the first date
  29. Someone who doesn’t make you a priority
  30. Horrible perfume/aftershave
  31. Had piercings
  32. Being late
  33. Annoying laugh
  34. Being insecure
  35. A nasal voice
  36. Tattoos
  37. Bad make-up
  38. Friends didn’t like them
  39. Bad haircut
  40. Bad fashion sense
  41. Obviously checking out your body
  42. No career ambition
  43. Too much perfume/aftershave
  44. Big nose
  45. Had rubbish taste in music
  46. Still living with parents
  47. Bad shoes
  48. Had rubbish taste in TV
  49. Living with parents
  50. Wore brace

So how many of those apply to you? I think it would be tricky to not carry any of those traits, but so long as you’re not honking of BO all day, every day then you should be cool. This poor woman doesn’t stand a chance.


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