50 Cent Endorses Donald Trump For President And Says He Doesn’t Care If Trump ‘Doesn’t Like Black People’


Way before Donald Trump became President, rappers would often reference him in their music as someone they aspired to be (financially speaking), but clearly that all changed once he entered the White House in 2016. Well, not for 50 Cent apparently.

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Having seen a news report on Joe Biden’s tax rate proposals, 50 Cent shat his pants at the idea of not keeping as much of his money as possible and so took to social media to endorse Trump and encourage others to vote for him too:

Naturally, most of the reaction on Twitter has been people ripping into 50 Cent for choosing his personal wealth over every other aspect of the election and what the result could mean. Which I guess is standard for a lot of rich folks – they want to keep more of their money in order to sustain the lifestyles they’re already used to, which I guess is fair enough really.

What isn’t made clear by 50’s message is that these tax proposals only apply to those earning $400,000 and more, which is obviously a bracket 50 falls into. So I guess Biden’s plan is to raise tax on those who can most afford to pay it, rather than those less fortunate, which also seems fair and reasonable. What can you say really? People vote for what is best for them.

What people are most wound up about though is 50 saying he “doesn’t care” if Donald Trump doesn’t like black people, so long as he gets to keep more of his money. Those who have been around on the internet long enough know that 50 Cent is one of the biggest trolls on the web, so no doubt he knew the reaction that statement would get. Hilariously, it’s got both the right and left freaking out – the former attempting to correct 50 by insisting Trump isn’t a racist and the latter obviously in meltdown over the fact 50 is voting Republican.

The news comes days after fellow rapper Ice Cube sparked a backlash for saying he had collaborated with Trump on his “Platinum Plan,” which included initiatives such as replacing ‘failing schools’. There’s also a theory floating around that the only reason Kanye West is running for President is because he wants Trump to win and thinks his running will take votes away from Biden.

Here’s 50 Cent on Conan a couple years ago explaining how Donald Trump has a ‘rapper’ attitude:

Can’t wait till Trump brings out the G-Unit at his next campaign rally. Only a couple weeks to go until the big day – expect more twists and turns till then.

Speaking of which, here’s what former G-Unit member Lloyd Banks is up to these days. Heartbreaking.


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