A 5 Year Old Boy Threatened To Stab His Classmates After Momo Appeared On His Screen

The game is real.

There’s been an influx of stories about the horrific Momo game hitting this country in the past couple of days and they only seem to be getting worse.

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Eli Spicer from Dover is the latest mother whose children have been targeted by the creepy doll, who pops up on YouTube videos and Whatsapp with creepy orders for children, usually involving them threatening other children or being coerced into committing suicide. Here’s what she had to say about it:

I’m absolutely devastated! – this is long winded, apologies.

In the car on the way home from school yesterday, I asked Honey or Ronnie if they knew what “Momo” meant? (I never showed them a photo and I wasn’t ever going to, I just said the name).

Honey instantly looked in my mirror at me and went “Eww Mum I have she’s got a smile like joker & big scary eyes” – Ronnie just sat there staring at me.

‘Honey said she’d never watched a video of this sick freak telling her to do bad or dangerous things but that she’s popped up in loads of innocent kids videos on YouTube, where her neck twists round or she’ll walk across the screen! (Cookie Swirl C, Ponies of Harmony, MLP, videos on YouTube).

Back to Ron… he refused to tell me at first not taking his eyes off me in the mirror (Ronnie struggles with eye contact for long usually) and was completely in denial about ever seeing this ugly c***.

Finally when I told him the silly “person” who made this fake creepy looking creature was in jail with all the other bad guys and that the YouTube police are hunting down all the Momo videos and deleting them, he told me he’d seen it loads of times! (Heart sinks).

Momo 2

Four weeks ago I was called into his school because he’d said to two children he was going to ‘stab them’ – I was devastated and it’s been dealt with accordingly. (Bare in mind he turned five in January!).

He’s been wetting the bed and he’s been coming into my bedroom early hours because of scary dreams! I am absolutely gutted, I honestly thought my children were quite sheltered.


I only mentioned the name (off the cuff expecting them to be totally confused. As soon as I saw their faces in my rear view mirror I knew they knew!).

I’m just glad I’ve told them it isn’t real, it doesn’t exist and sadly there are some nasty bad people in the world who like to scare children.

They know in future to tell me anything.

I’m not sure if this influenced Ronnie’s behaviour at school, his bed wetting and his bad dreams but nearly two weeks of certain apps being uninstalled on their tablets, extreme parental controls activated and YouTube totally banned because of Momo NOT them, Ronnies had more good days at school than bad, hasn’t woke once complaining of a bad dream & has been dry for almost a week.

We decided to restyle Momo, and now my kids find it hilarious that this stupid c*** is rocking a emoji bow with scientist Goggles!

I mean that is actually kind of horrific when you read it through, despite the fact they may have found a solution in the end. It’s actually really scary that this stupid looking clown can genuinely inspire kids to do that and seems to be absolutely everywhere. Can already see a horror movie being made about it a la Slender Man – let’s hope that it doesn’t actually inspire anyone to kill anyone else or commit suicide though. If it hasn’t already.

For more of the same, check out multiple sightings of the Slender Man in a small countryside town recently. Terrible.


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