5 Ways To Improve Your Medicinal Cannabis Experience



If you have been having health issues such as anxiety, depression, or insomnia, your doctor can prescribe medicinal marijuana to you. The drug can help to neutralize all these conditions, including many others.

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But as you know, it’s possible not to enjoy the experience. If you’d like some tips on how to make sure that taking medicinal cannabis is enjoyable, here are five tips you should consider using.

Buy From A Recommended Seller

Primarily, you should buy medicinal cannabis that has more CBD content than THC. Each seller has his or her unique way of preparing his or her vape juice.

If the percentage of CBD matches that of THC that you’d like or the one the doctor prescribed, purchasing something close to that is good. You can also ask the vendor if they make customized concentrate for you so that you can benefit from the vape juice. And if possible, ask for a discount.

Use A Good Vaporizer

The best way to enjoy medicinal cannabis is if you use a concentrate. Smoking a concentrate can be dangerous to your health because of the unregulated fumes.

For that reason, using a vaporizer such as MagicVaporizers is a superb solution. The benefits of using this device are that you can regulate the amount of heat used to heat the concentrate, and you don’t have to ingest unhealthy fumes, which can lead to other health complications.

Avoid Overdosing

Just like any other drug, it’s possible to overdose medicinal cannabis. Doing so can be super risky, especially if the concentrate you are using has more THC.

Remember, THC is the cannabinoid that neutralizes the effects of CBD and can make you high, which is not the effect you need now. Please make sure you consult your doctor before ingesting the cannabis so that he or she can tell you how much you should take in daily.

Add Some Flavour

For some people, taking cannabis as it is is okay. Nonetheless, its taste can be flat since the rigorous process of coming up with the concentrate removes the flavour and terpenes.

If you’d like to take the whole experience to another level, you can add some flavour. Using terpenes or liquidizers can be an excellent way to add flavour. It also adds durability to your vaporizer since it liquefies the concentrate and makes it easy to vape.

You’ll find different fruit flavours in the market. As you choose, make sure that you go for those that don’t dilute the concentrate because some can do that.

Become A Member Of A Community

Although you’ll be using the drug for medicinal purposes, cannabis is a social drug by nature. If you want to share your experiences with other people, you can join in an online community.

From there, you can learn about other people’s experiences with the plant, tips on how to get the best vaping devices, and how to make sure that your cannabis tastes good.


Remember that some states are yet to legalize medicinal cannabis. So as a way to keep you from the wrong side of the law while in other countries, make sure that you know the rules of that state properly. It can also help, immensely, when you are receiving your dosage from a vendor who is from another country.



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