5 Trending Ring Designs For Your Gay Partner In UK

As a gay man looking to buy a ring for your partner in the United Kingdom, you’re going to be surprised at the variety of options available. You don’t have to settle for the regular straight couple designs anymore as we present to you 5 trending ring designs that you can choose for yourself and your partner.

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  1. Multi-coloured wedding band

The multi-coloured wedding ring is a thick band that is divided into silver, metallic, orange, yellow, etc. colours for thin band lengths. They are defined with delicate borders. This ring can have diamonds embedded in it as well depending on the preference. The multi-coloured option also works well with the hidden halo engagement rings.

  1. Rainbow infinity ring

This is one of the most commonly chosen trending design for gay couples in UK. It is a plain infinity band in either platinum or rose gold. On the band are seven tiny diamonds in the colours of the rainbow. The obvious symbolism represents the LGBTQ pride and their rainbow flag. Couples often get matching rainbow infinity diamond rings for their big day. The ring has a very pretty appearance and the diamonds are tiny, buy because of their bright and eye-catching colours, they seem to stand out the most in the ring.

  1. Black diamond (Godfather) ring

If you’ve seen the movie The Godfather, then you know what ring we are talking about. This is specifically for those who like big and flashy jewellery. So if you’re partner is one of those, then this might be a good choice. The ring has a big black oval shaped diamond in the centre. It is surrounded by small regular white diamonds on the side. The ring has a very strong and prominent look and is simply out there. It represents people who have a strong personality and are not afraid to show it. Ideally, two partners in a couple won’t match these kinds of rings, but even if they do, it’s a sign that it sure is a power couple.

  1. Cluster diamond ring

If your partner likes sparkle but is shy to flaunt a big rock, then this ring will work perfectly. Among the trending rind designs in UK, is the cluster diamond ring. On the metal band, a cluster of many small diamonds is embedded to make it look like one larger diamond. Upon closer observation, the difference is evident. It gives a very classy and elegant look to the ring. The cluster adds to the delicate appearance. A single solitaire can sometimes look too flashy and does not go well with the personality of certain people. For those, this cluster diamond ring is the perfect midway.

  1. Platinum vintage

The platinum vintage ring spells elegance like no other. As the name suggests, it is made of platinum metal. There are two lines of really small diamonds on the upper and lower edge of the band, leaving the space in the middle empty to expose the platinum. Couples often match this ring with their partner. Since there is space in the middle, you can also get your names or the wedding date or any other words special to you engraved on the ring. The beauty of this ring lies in its simplicity.

Although not included in this list, solitaires are also a popular choice. The kind of ring you decide to get for your partner entirely depends on their preferences and their personality, so you do have to consider it all carefully. Since engagement and wedding rings are meant to last a lifetime, get them something that they won’t just love but will also cherish close to their hearts. Once the pandemic is over, you can plan a surprise trip to the beaches in UK and propose your gay partner along with a beautiful diamond ring from the above list.


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