5 Things Renters Do That Landlords Can’t Stand



If you’re a renter, you probably know keeping your property management company happy is vital. Most tenants want to avoid trouble with their landlord or management company, primarily because if you break the rules, you could owe extra fees or even get evicted.

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As a renter, you’ll sometimes feel frustrated by the downsides of living in an apartment. This guide isn’t to say that people who own the property are always in the right. However, when you find a place you love with a reasonable property manager or landlord, you’ll likely want to stay there.

If you want to renew your lease and not end up with fees and legal issues, here are some things to avoid doing as a renter.

Hiding Pets

Pets are often a sticking point between renters and landlords, and it’s easy to see both sides. On the one hand, renters want to be able to have pets because animals enrich life and are good for mental and physical health. On the other hand, pets can be destructive and messy, not to mention they can make life difficult for your neighbors.

If you want pets, ensure you find a rental that allows them. Even if your place does allow pets but requires a fee to have them, ensure you aren’t hiding your pets from your landlord. If they do find out, you could get hit with several extra fees, and you may be kicked out of your place, which isn’t great for you or your pet.

Doing Big Renovations

Like it or not, most property managers don’t want you to make significant changes to your rental. If you change out cabinets or countertops, you’ll likely create issues if they find out. Generally, it’s best to ask if you plan to make any permanent changes, such as painting. Some places have information about these upgrades in the lease, but it’s better to know for sure before moving forward. 

Excessive Noise

Have you ever lived next to neighbors awake all night, listening to music or having parties? If so, you probably got annoyed at least once or twice. So, you don’t want to be that person for someone else.

For one thing, your neighbors won’t like you. For another, if your landlord hears that you’re causing problems with excessive noise, they won’t be too thrilled either. While shared walls mean your neighbors might hear you sometimes, be aware of quiet hours and try your best to respect the people around you. Also, remember that excessive noise is illegal, so you don’t want to break the ordinances in your town or city. 

Paying Rent Late

While life sometimes happens, do your best to pay your rent on time. If you have an issue once or twice, tell your landlord or property manager ahead of time so they at least know you’ll be paying your rent ASAP. 

Unfortunately, many rentals and apartments will charge you a late fee for every day you don’t pay, so do your best to always pay on time, for your sake.

Being Inconsiderate

Generally speaking, if you want to renew your lease and get along well with your landlord, try to be respectful and considerate of your living space and your neighbors. Having common sense and treating others well will go a long way.

With these five tips in mind, you’ll be a great tenant that any landlord will appreciate. This way, your life will be easier, and you’ll ensure you can stay in the rental you love without any issues. 



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