5 Must Have Tools For Fixing Anything During Lockdown 

During a lockdown, one will still find themselves doing minor repairs and fixing a few plumbing or other home maintenance problems. If you are unsure of where to start, you can get a few ideas online at Though essential services are not readily available during a lockdown, if you have a few tools, you can fix almost every minor repair in your home without calling an expert. You will save some money and also ensure timely repairs if you opt to fix minor repairs instead of seeking help from the professionals. For major repairs, one will need to wait till after the lockdown or to start afresh which will be a bit costly.

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 Here are 5 must-have tools for fixing anything during a lockdown.

Essential Toolkit 

 Every household should invest in an essential tool kit. It should contain at least four sets of screwdrivers, a hammer, and measuring tape. A multipurpose knife will also come in handy as well as a pair of scissors. Ensure that you opt for the tools with a rubber grip. That will make it easy to handle minor repairs at home. A magnetic level also plays an important role especially, when fixing shelves, wall hangings, or even when aligning various items including the washing machine in the house. Do not forget to get a few assorted nails and a ladder to help you reach every corner of the house. Remember to keep all the tools in an organized toolbox for easy reach. 


For repairs, and to fix various broken or damaged surfaces in the house, one should opt for Bondic as it is less messy, and is a permanent solution to fixing things. It is also easy to apply to broken pieces and bond them together permanently. Bondic works on various materials. Whether you are fixing wood, metal, or glass, it comes in handy. All that one needs to harden it and bond two or more pieces together is the UV light. Unlike normal glue, it has a longer shelf life. You also set it up as desired, and then use the UV light to dry it. That way, it does not leave lots of mess after use. Remember to also get all the necessary accessories to make it easier to fix things easily with Bondic. The accessories include the plastic welder, the liquid adhesives, and the UV light. Usually, Bondic is sold as a package, and it can last for long since a little is required for minor repairs.

Duct Tape

The duct tape is versatile and can come in handy during a lockdown. But you must select the high-quality duct tape made of rubber adhesive so that you can use it on almost any material. Major uses of a duct tape include waterproofing, sealing, and bonding various parts. You may also use it to hang plastic sheeting. Though it cannot do all the fixing and repair in the house, the duct tape is a versatile tool one should have in the house during a lockdown and at all times.

LED Flashlight

You will need a flashlight during power outages which may last for a long time during a lockdown. But a flashlight can also help in self-defense, illuminations, or even to call for help especially when one is in unfamiliar locations or needs urgent help when in seclusion. Opt for high quality LED flashlights. Some of the features to watch out for when buying one include powerful lumens, constant light, durability, and the ability to remain bright for a reasonable period without the need to recharge or replace. Learn a few techniques on holding the flashlight in various scenarios so that you can make maximum use of the light. An LED flashlight is a utility tool you should have at all times not only during the lockdown.


If you want to instantly fix anything that’s broken, torn, or damaged, opt for super glue. It is effective and easy to use. It is also a relatively cheaper tool for fixing things around your home. You may use super glue to hang paper towels in the kitchen, repair shelves and bond ceramics, glass, or even wood. You will find it very helpful to use in the kitchen as well as to fix a few things. It is a bit sticky so one should use latex gloves when doing repairs with glue.

During a lockdown, a few things may go wrong. That may cause more pressure on the already bad situation. Having a few or all of the above tools, and others will make it easier for you to cope.


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