This 4K Footage Of Astronauts Working In Space Is Absolutely Spectacular

Astronaut Space Walk

Ground control to Major Tom.

Space is the final frontier but unfortunately pretty much everyone reading this is never going to be able to make it up there, unless there’s a Bruce Willis in Armageddon type situation anytime soon where it becomes easier for the government to train drillers to become astronauts – something that takes literally years to reach an adequate level – rather than astronauts to drill a hole. Like that was a realistic movie.

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Anyway, as most of us aren’t gonna make it up there, it’s great when NASA decide to treat us with footage like the video that you can see below. It’s a 4K movie of an astronaut performing some kind of maintenance on the outside of the space station and walking around with an absolutely incredible view of the Earth below him. This will actually blow your mind:

Wow. What an absolutely beautiful sight.

I don’t know how people can argue that we haven’t been into space or that the world is flat when videos like this exist. It seems like a lot of effort to go to to fake something like this when there isn’t really an obvious advantage to do something like that. Bizarre.

For more awesome pictures from space, check out some of these vintage shots from way back in the day. Dreamy.


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