45 ISIS Fighters Die After Eating Poisoned Ramadan Meal To Break Up Their Fast

Best news we’ve heard all day.

Iraqi media is reporting that 45 ISIS fighters died on Tuesday after eating a Ramadan fast-breaking meal in the city of Mosul in Iraq.

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So far it’s unknown whether they died of food poisoning due to a dodgy meal, or whether the food was deliberately poisoned. Apparently 145 of them sat down to eat, and 45 of them died shortly after.

Mosul in Iraq was captured by ISIS back in June; it’s a large city that sits between northern Iraq and eastern Syria.

It wouldn’t be the first time their meals were poisoned – back in November soldiers in the Free Syrian Army posed as chefs and tampered with ISIS’s lunch, killing at least 10 of them.


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Nice bit of news to hear on a Wednesday evening eh? I mean it’s obviously a shame all 145 of them didn’t drop dead but 45/145 isn’t bad going. Also a shame they didn’t get brutally gunned down by Task Force Black or accidentally blow themselves up instead but hey, food poisoning doesn’t sound like too much fun either. The important thing is they died.

P.S. Do you still get 127 virgins in heaven if you die from food poisoning? Not really dying for the cause when it happens via food poisoning are you? Come on ISIS fighters, learn how to die a martyr’s death for us one time (on second thoughts, don’t).


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