42 Year Old Man Gets A Year In Prison For Throwing Two Huge Parties During Lockdown

Serves him right.

The Coronavirus lockdown was a hard time for everyone involved but most people recognised that it was a necessary evil in order to curtail the spread the virus and save a bunch of lives.

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Unfortunately though, not everyone out there did follow the rules and some people openly flaunted them – and not they’re having to pay the price as 42 year old Shawn Marshall Myers is being sent to jail for a year because of his lack of compliance. Myers held not one but two massive parties at his house in Hughsville, Maryland during the lockdown with at least 50 people showing up at each of them.

The cops shut both of the parties down eventually, but Myers was argumentative and disruptive and they decided to try him on two counts of Failure to Comply with an Emergency Order. Here’s what the State Attorney said about his actions:

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Myers was argumentative at the first party, but eventually agreed to disband it.

At the second one, officers told Myers to disband the party, but again he was argumentative claiming he and his guests had the right to congregate.

Beyond being argumentative, Myers directed his guests to stay in defiance of Governor Hogan’s Orders and the officers’ lawful orders to disband the party.

Sounds like he was a real jerk about it the second time hey, but what do you expect from a guy who throws a humongous party in the middle of a global pandemic? They’re hardly going to be the bastion of human decency are they?

Thankfully, Myers was convicted of the charges and will now face two years in prison. That should teach people to follow the rules and not have a load of parties when we inevitably head back into lockdown again. Not sure what the punishment over here would be but hopefully it would be something equivalent.

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