40,000 People Flocked To Newport Beach In California This Weekend Despite Social Distancing Rules


We talked about almost 1000 people went to a house party in Chicago over the weekend despite the city officially being in quarantine, but people in Los Angeles and San Francisco trumped these guys in the stupidity stakes by flocking to spend the weekend on Newport beach.

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Governor Gavin Newsom practically begged people to stay inside over the weekend in preparation for the impending heatwave that the state was facing, but it’s being reported that over 40,000 ended up spending their Saturday on Newport Beach with many of them travelling huge distances to get there. Good work guys.

Here’s a few videos and what Chief Lifeguard Brian O’Rourke had to say about the situation:

We’re seeing a huge increase in crowds that we would normally see out here in the middle of the summer.

I mean that is a ridiculously large amount of people on the beach isn’t it? I guess you really can’t trust people to do the right thing, even when all the right thing requires is for them to sit on their ass indoors. Hopefully that won’t affect the death count too much, but you’ve gotta think that humongous public gatherings like that are going to be detrimental to efforts to flatten the curve. Stay at home FFS.

For more of the same, here’s footage from that house party in Chicago. Ridiculous.


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