4 Better Ways to Track Your Employee Hours in 2021



When trying to keep track of your employees hours, you should move away from pen and paper. After all, it’s 2021! Moving into the digital era can provide you with many benefits, such as productivity and efficiency. With pen and paper, you often find yourself double-checking your work and sometimes your data is inaccurate. You spend so much time trying to figure out your employees hours you lose track of the bigger task at hand.

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Tracking your employees shouldn’t be a difficult challenge, it should prepare you with ways to improve your business. Therefore, with the correct hours, you are able to manage your employees time wisely.

When you’re looking at inaccurate findings, it’s like trying to find a location without a map. You may get there, but the route is complicated. Correct data allows you to gather the information and gives you the chance to prioritize tasks and move on to more exciting things. A top time tracking app could do wonders for your business, so wave goodbye to timesheets and say hello to digital. The next four examples will show you better ways to track employee hours.

Here Are 4 Better Ways To Track Your Employee Hours

1.Communicate, communicate, communicate. Communication is not what you say but how you say it. If you explain the benefits of time tracking to your employees, they will want to help. Updating your employees before any changes made to their hours makes your workers feel included. You can set tasks and ask them how long each task takes to complete. This helps you build a better schedule and removes the fear of not being appreciated.

Holding a meeting with your team explaining the importance of time tracking helps everyone feel on the same page. Doing so, leads to increased productivity levels.

When bringing your team together make sure you cover the following points:

    • Two-way communication
    • Schedule hours for due tasks
    • Encourage employees for their achievements
    • Everyone stays focused on goals

2. Educate employees on new software. With so many software solutions to track employees, you are more than likely to move into the modern era shortly. Making the right choice for your team might be a little confusing with all the options. However, Connecteam is easy to set up, and everyone can use it, even the least tech-savvy. Connecteam is for deskless employees and suitable for all work hours, whether it’s hourly, by season, etc.

Connecteam’s Geo-fence helps you eradicate buddy punching and time theft. By setting the location via GPS tracking, employees are only able to sign in from the specified location. The app sends them a notification for your employee to clock in and out. Geo-fencing allows you to keep track of your employees and know where they are at all times.

With no need for training, your employees will love using the app. Your employees will have fewer questions over hours completed. Tracking hours has never been simpler!

3. Ask your employees. Your employees are the face of your business. Your workers are the core of your company, and can bring you back the best feedback. With the right information, you could improve and grow your business.

Checking in with your employees builds a better relationship with your employees. Once they feel their opinions are valid, they will come to you even when you don’t ask. When workers know that tracking hours benefits them too they are more focused on the end goal. The more engaged your employees are, the more likely they are to stay.

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4. Set achievable targets. Putting goals in place helps you and your employees utilize time in the best way possible. Short term goals allow your team to know the everyday goals. The long term goals will display the bigger picture of where the company is heading. When meeting as a team and saying we want to grow, that doesn’t mean anything. With goals that are both short and long term, your team has clarity.

You could provide each employee with their tasks, including how long each task should take to complete. Allowing employees to input lets your employees feel they have control over their schedule. Employees who are encouraged to engage will be an asset, as they will want to assist more.

Digitize Your Time Tracking

Using a time tracking app helps you focus on the company goals. Not only are you able to center your attention on growing the business, but you also improve efficiency and productivity. When you have a clear view of the hours you are paying for, you will be more at ease. Digitizing time tracking removes the frustration of finding out where everyone is and what they are doing. Connecteam’s Time tracking app is the perfect option for your business. With Connecteam, you track hours and productivity. With an in-app chat, you either send group messages or direct messages to discuss any matters. Connecteam’s easy set-up means you can reap the benefits fast. Get started today at $39/month for up to 200 users, and for over 200 users, set up a meeting with a rep to see your opportunities.



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