This 3D Animation That Details The Surgery That Occurs With Height Lengthening Is Completely Screwed Up

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Would you get a tube drilled into your leg just to be a couple of inches taller?

I remember a long time ago when I was a kid I watched a movie called Gattaca with Ethan Hawke, where he lives in a world where everyone’s genetic make up and qualities/skills are pre-determined before they’re born. Ethan Hawke played a kid whose parents left it to chance though and was pretty much shunned by society because of it. However, he wanted to become an astronaut and so adopts someone else’s life in his attempt to do this. There’s one problem though – this other guy is a couple of inches taller than him so he has to undergo some completely rank procedure to make himself two inches taller.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I had no idea that such a procedure existed in real life – I just thought it was part of this future world that the movie was all about – but apparently it does and it has done for some time. There’s a company called Height Lengthening that is pursuing these gruesome operations and for some reason they’ve decided to release a 3D animation of exactly how they occur, which I’m sure is going to get people signing up for them immediately.

Not – the video is absolutely barbaric even as an animation, and features a massive hole being burrowed into your bone and then a metal tube being inserted into said hole in order to make you taller. I don’t know why anyone would hate themselves for being so small that they would go through this to be tall, but it seems like there’s a market for it. You up for it?

If there’s any actual incentive to do it, it’s probably that it can’t go as wrong as these cases of bad plastic surgery.

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