32 Awesome Bedrooms For Kids

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Basically, your parents sucked.

When you were a kid you always dreamed about having a super cool bedroom with loads of sick stuff to play on in it, kinda like the kid in Blank Cheque who got a million dollar cheque and then bought a sick mansion with loads of watersides and shit. I had a racing car bed for a bit which was pretty awesome, but it wasn’t as cool as the one that Joey had one Friends and probably wasn’t as cool as any of these rooms either.

Prepare to get jealous, especially as a lot of these bedrooms probably wouldn’t even cost that much to make – you would just need someone really creative and a lot of time and effort to get it done.

1.) Playing "this little piggie" just suddenly goto authentic.

2.) Even this kid gets to live in a tropical paradise!

3.) This may be the world's most epic bunk bed.

4.) These parents get extra points for authenticity, wow.

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