A 3 Year Old Girl Has Been Decapitated Outside A Train Station In Taipei

Girl Decapitated

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In extremely upsetting news this Easter Monday, it’s being reported that a 3 year old girl has been decapitated by a 33 year old maniac with a meat cleaver in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei.

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The girl was with her mother walking by the Metro station when the man suddenly grabbed her and performed the horrific attack. Apparently he has a history of psychosis and drug problems.

3 Year Old Decapitated

Later in the day an angry crowd gathered around the police station where the man was taken and threatened to kick off, whilst a leading politician called for him to face the death penalty. I’m not really surprised at that because it’s an absolutely horrendous crime to commit and it can’t possibly have happened for any good reason, so no wonder people are going to be up in arms about it.

This follows another worrying incident a couple of months ago, where a Russian nanny decapitated the baby she was looking after and walked around a station with the head shouting at everyone. She was also found to be mentally ill, but originally claimed it was a terrorist attack. Let’s hope that this isn’t turning into a worldwide trend.


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