3 Weird Diets You Don’t Want To Believe


Losing weight is a struggle known to many. From trying out new diet fads to involving in intensive exercises to sipping drinks with claims of rapid results, people go to every extent just to shed that stubborn fat off their bodies. Liposuction cosmetic surgery is yet another popular weight loss treatment that overweight people go for. The craze is real but this is not it. Get ready to be amazed as we are about to tell you 3 weird diets that you won’t believe are actually followed by people around the world:

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1- The Prayer Diet

No, we did not make that up! The prayer diet is a newly introduced concept by Dr Matthew Anderson and actually yields fruitful results. The diet does not involve any regime but includes some emotional, mental, and spiritual changes on a daily basis. The unique diet is all about feeding your mind, body, and spirits, achieving a balance between them along with some physical actions. True to its name, you have to pray daily in order to lose and maintain weight. With this diet, you don’t only achieve a lighter body weight but also realize the essence of prayer in your daily life. The diet may not be weird to many people but it is definitely a new concept and the positive results have us wanting to give it a try.

2- The Tongue Patch Diet

No pain no gain right? This diet has taken the phrase way too seriously. The diet is not about some weird eating patterns (you would wish it was that). The hint is in the name; The Tongue Patch Diet is actually a medical procedure that involves sewing a hard metal mesh sewn directly to the tongue for one month. Yes! That’s exactly what it is. The patch causes discomfort and pain at the time of eating, hence it is advised not to eat solid food with the patch on. Dieters are allowed to consume 800 calories a day that they can get from smoothies, liquid diet shakes, and low-calorie beverages. Dr Chugay, who is the flag bearer of the Tongue Patch diet, has introduced a liquid supplement that contains a balanced mixture of protein, fats, carbohydrates, fibre, minerals, and vitamins. With an astonishing proven success rate of 70%, we are expecting more people are going to get the patch sewn to the tongue.

3- The Urine Diet

This is the most deserving diet on the list. As the name suggests, the weird diet actually involves injecting urine and that of a pregnant woman. Disgusting right? There is actually a scientific explanation behind the concept. The urine of pregnant women contains a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) that is produced by the placenta. The founder of the concept believes that this hormone is actually responsible for weight loss. In this diet, the dieter can take up to 500 calories and get injected by the urine of the pregnant woman. Upon injection of the urine containing hCG, the brain of the non-pregnant person perceives it to be pregnant and hence increases the body’s metabolism rate that leads to weight loss. However, the diet hasn’t been approved by the FDA.


Losing weight is essential for body fitness, but it is not really crucial unless it puts your life at risk. Try following the basic concept of losing weight which is calorie restriction coupled with exercise. It may take time but is always worth it.


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