29 Inappropriate Children’s Toys That Probably Should Never Have Been Created

Why would anyone ever think any of these toys were a good idea?

When I was growing up, there were some pretty sweet toys available for me to play with. You had your Mask, your Pogs, your Monster In Your Pocket, your Tamagotchis, your SNES, your Heroquest……basically thousands and thousands of sweet toys to play with to waste away your hours as a little kid.

Thankfully, I never had to come across any of the monstrosities featured in this post. It’s probably even preferable to give your kid the lamest mass produced toy ever.  Prepare to have your mind blown as you question whether these could have really existed or not. The answer is that they all did, which is just, well, it’s just something else really isn’t it because there are so many questions to ask about why anyone would ever think any of them were a good idea.

Why would anyone want to buy their daughter a strip pole for Christmas? Why would a Dora The Explorer toy be shaped like a penis? Why does E.T’s finger look like a dildo? Why would a stuffed doll have human teeth? Questions that I doubt will ever be answered. Or perhaps even COULD ever be answered.

There are at least 26 more that come to mind when you look through this photo collection.

Inappropriate Children's Toys 1

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