The 25 Year Anniversary Of ‘Happy Gilmore’ Has Sparked A Mini Twitter Reunion

This will bring a smile to your face.

It’s mostly been all doom and gloom this year as lockdown ploughs on with no real end in sight despite the vaccine rollout living up to expectations, but here’s a brief moment of respite as Adam Sandler and Christopher McDonald took to Twitter to reprise their respective roles in ‘Happy Gilmore’ to celebrate the movie’s 25th anniversary.

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No point in really doing an intro to this as it’s probably just better to dive right in and see what they got up to with it all. Here we go:

Wow. No offence to Adam Sandler because his was pretty good, but Christopher McDonald/Shooter McGavin absolutely nailed his little video there didn’t he?

The massive amount of views that both videos have received as well kinda makes me think that there might be some currency in a Happy Gilmore/Shooter McGavin rematch. I don’t think that’s really something that anyone has even thought about in the past twenty years, but now the idea’s out there – why not? We could be seeing the start of something special here people .

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