25 Stone Obese Man Is Determined To Weigh At Least 56 Stone



It’s always great to have goals, hopes and aspirations but I’m not quite sure if this guy who’s dream it is to be super obese is in the fight frame of mind about these ideas.

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46 year old Florida native Bryan Steel (why is it always Florida?) weighed 13 stone when he decided to begin his transformation and has consumed 12,000 calories every day since then to set him on his way. He now weighs a crazy 25 stone and says that he won’t stop eating until he doubles his current size, aiming for a whopping 56 stone.

Here’s what he had to say about it:

Growth is too incredible an activity to not be turned on by. Being encouraged, fed, and grown is extremely kinky and I love it.

However, beyond the kink and fetish, it takes a lifestyle of commitment to actually achieve the goals. Gaining size is a real challenge and it takes daily discipline to keep it up.

I like a big variety of foods, it helps me eat more when eating so much on a daily basis. My day usually contains three or four large meals with snacks and more shakes on gym days.

For me, the most challenging aspect of growth is outgrowing general life normals. Clothing, vehicles, even furniture are all gauges of progress and outgrowing them can come at unexpected times.

Things like restaurant booths and theme parks are impossible for me now and I don’t fit in certain vehicles.

But it’s all part of the process, there’s going to have to be trade-offs and it’s important to understand that.

Even though people may have concerns over Bryan’s choices, he chooses not to listen to them.

The people who troll are unhappy with their own lives and think attacking others or putting others down will make them feel better about themselves.

This is unfortunate but it’s their choice. I suggest never listening to trolls. They only exist to try to make you as miserable as they are.

There’s always going to be people questioning goals that are extreme but at the end of the day, it’s about love and support. I’m very lucky to have that support at home,” he explained.

Overwhelmingly support for my growth has been positive and supportive. Honestly, I wouldn’t even be as big as I am today if it weren’t for [my followers] support.

So many people have not only come out supporting my growth goals but have become invested in making me even bigger, either through following my OnlyFans or meeting up in person to help.

We can all achieve amazing things when we work together and support each other’s goals. Don’t waste time on stuff you’re not into and focus on the stuff you’re passionate about … I’m passionate about seeing just how big I can physically get.

I never actually decided it as much as it was a natural desire to be bigger.

It started when I was very young, as early as six seeing cartoons or TV shows with characters bulking up huge, inflating, or eating so much they ballooned.

In my teens, I was lean and started working out. It wasn’t long before I realised working out alone wasn’t going to get me the results I wanted so I started eating bigger to grow my body thicker, especially my belly.

Wow. I suppose this is kind of cool that the guy has some kind of ambition, but it’s also not even something that’s hard to achieve, he just has to sit around stuffing his face every single day and getting bigger and bigger. I don’t really think that’s how goals work. It’s such a strange obsession for the guy to have in the first place and I guess it’s kind of cool to rebel against society’s norms but to me it just looks really unhealthy and gross. Maybe I’m part of the problem though.

For more of the same, check out the pros and cons of being a fatty. Maybe Bryan Steel read that article and that’s what inspired him.



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