24 Rare Pictures Of Rappers You’ve Probably Never Seen

Rare Rapper Photographs Featured

You might expect rappers to always be garmed out in the dopest gear, hanging around with guns and smoking weed. Judging by these pics, that’s not always the case.

Only Hip Hop Facts is a pretty cool Instagram/Twitter feed that only posts weird facts about hip hop artists, or even weirder pictures of hip hop artists that you’ve probably never ever seen under any circumstances whatsoever. I mean just look at the cover picture to this article – where exactly did they manage to find a picture of Biggie, Diddy and Snoop Dogg all chilling together and how the hell was there someone there who wasn’t completely baked and able to take a picture of it?

I guess the only answer is that they know their shit, that’s how. Here’s a bunch of the best ones they’ve ever posted.

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Rare Rappers Photos 17

Redman and the Notorious B.I.G. were buddies too, and it seemed like they enjoyed nothing more than smoking up and then competing with each other to see who could look the toughest.

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