23 Year Old Mother Killed Daughters For Getting In The Way Of Her Sex Life


They say that once you have children that your sex life goes downhill rapidly, but everyone says that having a child is worth that sacrifice – except for the woman in this story, who it sounds like disagrees with that statement more than anything in the history of the world ever.

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It turns out that 23 year old Louise Porton was so resentful of her two children disrupting her sex life that she murdered them to stop them getting in the way of it. Think about how utterly contemptible someone must be to do that, but this is exactly what Louise has been found guilty of after a five week trial.

Despite the fact that Porton denied murdering her children – three year old Lexi and 17 month old Scarlett- doctors found that their deaths were caused by blocked airways and that she was the only possible person that could have facilitated this. Coupled with her attitude to her children – witnesses said she took topless photos in the toilets whilst they were sick in hospital, was heard laughing at their funeral and Facetiming a man about oral sex and her landlady said that she spent more time going out and having sex with random men than caring for them – the jurors didn’t find it too difficult to declare her guilty of murder.

There were also several questionable Google searches in her phone history such as ‘can you actually die if you have a blocked nose and cover your mouth with tape?’ and ‘how long after drowning can someone be resuscitated?’ It seems fairly damning and I would probably have come to the same verdict if I was on the jury.

What an absolutely despicable human being. She hasn’t been sentenced but I hope she gets the maximum available punishment in a prison with no male guards so she’s denied sex for the rest of her life as well. Bitch.

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