Watch This 18 Year Old Touch Her Eye With Her Crazy 4 Inch Tongue

Adrianne Lewis Giant Tongue

I don’t want to make out with you.

Meet Adrienne Lewis – the girl who might just have the biggest tongue in the world. I say might because for some reason the Guinness Book Of Records has rejected her application three times already, which seems kind of crazy when her tongue clearly measures four inches and the current world record holder Nick Stoeberl only has a 3.97 inch tongue. It’s all in the fractions man.

She’s from Twin Lakes in Michigan and her entire family has really long tongues but hers is by far and away the longest, and in the video below she demonstrates this by using it to touch her chin, elbow and even her eye in an amazing display of length and flexibility. Watch and learn and be glad that you probably won’t ever have to make out with her because I don’t think I could handle it at all.

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