Here Are 18 Of The Weirdest X-Rays Ever

Knife In The Head X Ray

These are completely mental.

I don’t even want to think about some of these occurred – or the pain that is probably associated with each of them – because they look so messed up that something really special must have happened for them to even be in existence. No word on whether everyone featured in these X-rays is still alive, but you’ve got to think they probably are because otherwise why would they bother x-raying them in the first place? Here’s hoping everyone made it, although I’ve got no clue at all how this guy below with a bunch of nails in his head would have had any hope whatsoever.

If you’re into X-rays check out these animal x-rays too – they’re completely weird as well.

Skull Of A Chinese Man Shot In The Head With A Pneumatic Hammer

Bizarre X Rays 1

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