18 People Who Thought They Were Having Their Photo Taken With A Celebrity

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That ain’t Macklemore you’re with girls…

Whenever you meet a celebrity today it’s almost obligatory to take a selfie with them to prove that it actually happened because in this day and age nobody is gonna believe you unless you’ve got cold hard proof, are they?

This is pretty cool if you actually do meet a celebrity, but can make you end up looking pretty fucking stupid like these guys if you think you’ve met a celebrity but in fact have just met some loser who either pretends to be one or just has a vague resemblance to one. That’s exactly what these people have done, and whilst they might look happy in their photographs you can bet that they felt like complete morons after they showed their friends and got completely burned.

They’re almost as bad as these epic selfie fails… almost.

Peter Dinklage

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