17 Year Old Rapper Token Returns With Some Absolute Fire

Token Rapper

Is he the new Eminem?

17 year old rapper Token burst onto the scene last year and was immediately compared to Eminem with his fast paced lyrical style which pretty much rinses everyone and everything. And also probably because he’s white.

Anyway, there were questions about whether he could back it up or whether that first track was just a fluke, but he’s just dropped his second tune ‘Still No Sucka MCs’ and we can safely say that he is well on his way to becoming an absolute superstar because this shit is absolute fire.

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Oof. That guy is absolutely rapid – I think my favourite lines were ‘the only suspender I know is my principal’ or ‘gangsters used to move ounces and reach for burners, now gangsters only move mouses and reach for cursors’. Video is dope too – this kid has got a big future, you heard it here first.

However, he might have competition from another 17 year old rapper named A-F-R-O, who has also been described as the next great hip hop lyricist.


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