Did You Know There Are Over 16,000 Hidden USB Sticks In The World?

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You’ll never guess what they’re for – this is totally dope.

When you think of USB sticks, you usually think of something you use to carry files around when they’re too big to send in emails. To be honest, you probably don’t use them that much except for work.

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Well, the guys over at have come up with a totally new and awesome use for them, which involves hiding them all around the world in walls, under phone boxes and anywhere you can think of really. It was started by Berlin media artist Aram Batholl in 2010 with the aim of sharing music for free, because it’s not illegal to download files if it’s from a USB device.

There are now over 16,000 USB devices located all over the world. Here’s a video explaining the concept and a quick how to video:

Sweet. If you visit it actually shows you a load of the locations all over the world, so chances are there will be one near you for you to check out. Just pick up your laptop and head over to find it and hopefully discover some sweet new beats or whatever too.

Before you head out though, check out the most insane musical instrument of all time. Maybe include a sample from that on your dewdrop.


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