VIDEO: 16-Year-Old Gets Life Sentence After Rappelling Down Side Of Lamborghini Dealer And Stealing Yellow Lambo

What a story – watch the footage and hear about the young teen who rappelled down a car dealership, jacked a Lambo, and would have got away with it.

Can’t help but think that this kid’s talents are being completely wasted by locking him up for life, but I guess rules are rules — if he’s rappelling down buildings and stealing bright yellow Lambos at 16 who knows what he’d be capable of by 30.

He would have got away with it too if he hadn’t literally tried to kill the dude who was spending Valentine’s Day with the girl he fancied but I guess those are the rookie mistakes a 16-year-old career crook is going to make.

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PS What kind of alias is Carmine Colombo? That must be the dodgiest sounding name of all time.


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