These Women Listed 15 Reasons Why They Avoid Having Sex With Their Partners

Not Having Sex


It’s widely assumed that most humans think about boning pretty much all the time and it’s all most of them want to do. Sure, guys get lumped with the reputation, but sometimes it’s girls who are just as up for it as well.

But not these girls. They are so not up for having sex with their partners that they do whatever they can to get out of it a lot of the time. You would probably think that they should just get out of their relationship and go get with someone they do want to have sex with, but I guess it isn’t that simple.

Instead they decided to confess their reasons for their abstinence via the anonymous secret sharing app Whisper. Of course they did. I hope that really helped them solve their problems.

Not Having Sex 1

Not Having Sex 2

Not Having Sex 3

Not Having Sex 4

Not Having Sex 5

Not Having Sex 6

Not Having Sex 6

Not Having Sex 7

Not Having Sex 8

Not Having Sex 9

Not Having Sex 10

Not Having Sex 11

Not Having Sex 12

Not Having Sex 13

Not Having Sex 14

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Wow. A whole range of reasons there. If you’re in a relationship and not getting any at the moment, maybe you need to consider one of those? Sorry for putting that thought in your head guys. If you’re a girl I’m sure you can relate to at least one of them.

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