14 Stunning Photos Of Space That Will Crack A Hole In Your Brain

Space is big blah, blah, blah. But I bet you never looked at it like this before.

Space is impressive, yes, we’ve all realised that. There’s more weird stuff going on in this Universe than we will probably ever know. We can stare at the surface of Mars and we can ogle nebulae billions of miles away. But how often do you genuinely go “woah… I never thought of it like that before… I am TINY”.

That sort of reaction happens a fair amount when you’re young, but as you get older it seems completely normal that we should be able to go into space whenever we want. We say “light year” without thinking that a light year is the distance a beam of light would travel in an entire year. That is very, very far and very, very fast. We become more and more difficult to impress as time goes on.

Massive Universe 2

So here are a selection of photos that, for me at least, open the windows in my brain and make me realise that whether or not I manage to get that report to my boss by 9:00 am tomorrow means literally nothing at all. So I’m putting it off. My boss can wait. Pay my tax bill? I don’t think so mate, I’ve just seen a GIF of a volcano erupting on Jupiter’s moon. Do one. Clean the bog? No. There’s no point at all.

We. Are. INSIGNIFICANT. Look at these and immediately put off everything you were going to do:

Earth Vs Moon

Amazing Space - Mon To Earth Ratio

This is the distance between the earth and moon to its proper scale. They’re just sat out there gently spinning around each other, 380,000 km apart.

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