If You Ever Find Yourself Reading One Of These Books On The Tube, You’ve Got Massive Balls

Books You Should Never Read On The Subway Featured

You’ve gotta have some balls to pull these books out on the subway.

I get embarrassed just reading comic books on the tube so I’m not sure how these guys have the balls to read some of this stuff on the subway – I mean seriously who the hell are these guys and why do they think it’s acceptable? Sure, reading stuff like 50 Shades Of Grey is just lame and cringeworthy, but reading books like ‘How To Meet Women On The Subway’, ‘How To Be Black’ and ‘White Girl Problems’ (wait until you see the guys reading them) are just creepy, weird and basically asking for trouble.

Or at least basically asking for your picture to be put on the internet, which is exactly what has happened to most of them. In any case, as inappropriate as some of them are it’s probably better than doing an epic puke on the subway.

How To Meet Women On The Subway

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