12 Year Old Boy Has Sex Change; Decides To Transition Back Two Years Later


Gender dysphoria is becoming more and more common and understood in society thanks to several recent high profile transitions, but I don’t think I’ve yet seen a case of someone transitioning back after taking the steps to live their life as a different gender.

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That’s changed now though with the emergence of the story of 12-year-old Patrick Mitchell, who was diagnosed with the condition by doctors two years ago. He begged his mother to be allowed to take oestrogen hormones and after taking advice from professionals who suggested this was the right course of action, she accepted and Patrick began transitioning.

Unfortunately, after two years he realised that this was the wrong decision and he would prefer to live his life as a boy. You can see a full 15 minute section on Australia’s 60 minutes about this process below, but essentially after he decided upon this he had to stop taking the medication and have surgery to remove the breast tissue which he had grown over the previous 2 years:

Ouch. That sounds like a hell of a trip for the kid and you really have to feel sorry for him – it’s a tough time having to deal with gender dysphoria when it’s the correct diagnosis, but when it isn’t it must be hugely mentally scarring to live as a different sex for a couple of years and then revert back to your original gender. Hope the kid manages to deal with it and live the rest of his life in a body that he feels comfortable in.

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