10 Year Old Girl Wins National Handwriting Competition Despite Having No Hands… Wait, What?

This girl rules.

In what might be one of the most impressive feats we’ve ever covered on Sick Chirpse, a 10-year-old girl born without hands has won a national handwriting competition over in the US.

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Sara Hinesley, a pupil at St. John’s Regional Catholic School in Frederick, Maryland, won the Nicholas Maxim award in the Zaner-Bloser national handwriting contest.

The 10-year-old writes by holding a pencil between the ends of her arms. Check it out:

The best part is this brilliant quote from Sara which should make you feel like absolute shit for not trying hard enough in life:

Things I can’t do, I try to figure out what way I can do it, and try my best to make it work.

Too lazy to get down the gym? Can’t figure out how to fix the TV? Can’t find your socks and give up after looking for 10 seconds? We’re all just a bunch of losers and quitters while Sara Hinesley is out there winning handwriting competitions with no hands. We truly suck, and Sara rules.

To be fair though, when I saw Sara’s handwriting – I think I could probably take her in a handwriting competition quite easily:

Then again she doesn’t have any hands (remember?) so would have a bit of an unfair advantage there.

For the fascinating viral video in which a man puts on a pair of trousers without using his hands, click HERE. Inspirational stuff.


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