10 Simple Steps To Snaring A Stoner

stoner boy

Every girl loves a bit of stoner action – thanks to hot celebrities who smoke up like James Franco and Snoop Dogg – but how exactly do you go about bagging yourself one of them?

stoner boy

Every girl loves a bit of stoner action, we need no more convincing than Hollywood’s offerings of James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill and of course Snoop Dogg to persuade us that the newest hottest thing is to date a stoner.

But how to go about catching this elusive breed of male, many would say that you can bag a stoner by buying him a bag. But I disagree. Here are ten fail-safe steps to snare a stoner.

  1. Stoners love chatty girls- fact! You’ll be a breath of fresh air in a room clouded with smog. Handy hint, take loads of coke when he’s stoned and talk to him, he’ll never forget you!
  2. Impress his stoner friends with your rolling capabilities.  Don’t even offer, just do it. Take the weed and roll a spliff, it doesn’t matter how badly you do it, the guys will be impressed and you’ll have the seal of approval from his mates.
  3. Prove you love weed as much as he does. When the joint is passed to you, keep it. You’ll know it’s working when he’s staring at you with admiration. He’s probably never met a girl who can smoke a whole spliff without whitey-ing (This will be easy as you won’t even notice it you’ll be so coked up).
  4. Stoners are habitually sharers. No need to buy your own weed or chip in on theirs, they won’t mind you helping yourself.
  5. Stoners love talking about weed. Impress him with your stories about past spliffs. Stoners especially rate Thai Bush weed, tell him all about the time at the Full Moon party when you and Octavia smoked wayyy too much and passed out in the sea.
  6. Stoners love to mix things up. Put Rihanna on really loud and start jumping on the sofa. In case you didn’t know, Rihanna is a stoner too, so that starts up a new conversation too.
  7. Take the opportunity to shine, if they’re playing Fifa then join in, they’ll find your confusion about offside rules and insistence on changing the kits to something pretty, cute and charming.
  8. Stoners love giving advice, tell him all about how you fell out with your friend, he’ll appreciate you confiding your issues to him.
  9. Stoners need a bit more effort in catching than other guys, ring him and text him everyday, drop by his house whenever you get the chance, you know he’s going to be in.
  10. What this instructional video on how to assume the personality of a stoner girl.

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