10 Famous Film Locations Revisited In Google Street View

Forrest Gump Bench

Why bother visiting some of your favourite movie locations when you can just check them out on the internet now?

Movies often use famous landmarks in reality in their stories and it often becomes a quest for fans of these movies to visit said landmarks and get a picture taken outside of it, usually so everyone on their Facebook can say something like ‘OMG, can’t believe you went to the ACTUAL Empire Records.’

But really, in the 21st century why bother? You can just visit all these places on Google Street View and check out what they look like. Sure, you don’t get that elusive selfie but it’s a lot cheaper than travelling all over the world to get something that isn’t really even that cool in the first place, and you get to see what it looks like in real life (kinda). Much more preferable/easier.

Goodfellas: Jackson Hole


This is where we meet the adult Henry Hill for the first time, as he’s waiting to steal a struck. These days the diner is still open for business in Astoria, Queens.

Forrest Gump: The Bus Stop Bench


This location is in Savannah, Georgia (where I’ve actually been but decided to miss checking it out). Unfortunately though the bench isn’t actually there (so I didn’t miss much) and was only a prop used in the movie – it now sits in the Savannah History Museum, which I’m sure is a real hoot to visit.

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