Woman’s Shocking Racist Rant Gets Cut Off After Her Nipple Slips Out Of Her Bikini (NSFW)

Woman nipple rant

Dregs of society.

A half-naked woman over in Tallahassee Florida was caught out on camera back in March going on a mental racist rant to a group of shocked onlookers.

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The, quite clearly, mentally deranged woman makes some absolutely horrific statements, including:

You should have stayed in Africa.

Martin Luther King was a shit who was fucking white people.

Ey? What’s that crazy bitch on about? Even her daughter is trying to get her to stop.

Meanwhile, as she’s spurting all that bullshit, her bikini top just keeps getting lower and lower, until… well I’ll let you see for yourself:

What a dumb bitch. I don’t get why the girl filming saved this woman’s dignity by stopping as her nipple slipped out. I would’ve just carried on before loading that shit up online, although maybe she was just so repulsed that she had to go and vomit somewhere.

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