Watch UFC Knockout King Mark Hunt Lay Out Frank Mir With One Punch

Mark Hunt Frank Mir Knockout


UFC Fight Night 85 went down in Brisbane, Australia on Saturday night and the main event saw The Super Samoan and knockout king Mark Hunt take on former world champion Frank Mir.

It only took Hunt less than three minutes to land one of his patented right hands on Mir and knock him the fuck out. He also just walked off as soon as he landed the punch because he knew it was all over. Nonchalant:

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Well, if you’re that much of a badass you might as well conserve your energy eh? And most importantly look cool of course.

Speaking at the post fight press conference, King had the following to say:

Frank, he was still in the dark lands when I saw him [after landing the punch]. His face was still…he wasn’t there, so I just left it. He wasn’t there. He was out, somewhere else.

Well, it’s true. He wasn’t there. He was blacked out.

Quite. For more amazing knockouts, check out the video below:


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