Watch This Hero Cop Tackle A Guy Who’s About To Commit Suicide Off A Bridge

Give this guy all the awards ASAP.

Yesterday New Jersey police over in the States got a call about a man walking through traffic.

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Sergeant Greg Bogert arrived to find the man about to jump off a bridge, and like an absolute G didn’t waste a single second in running after him and stopping him.

The man was restrained until an ambulance arrived to take him to hospital.

Watch below:

Greg Bogert, you are the man. Is this the kind of thing you get a bravery award for? I’d imagine you get some kind of award. I mean my heart was pumping and all I did was watch it on my laptop. Imagine what he was feeling. Another policeman may not have run after this guy and tackled him the way he did. There’d be one less person alive because they either wouldn’t care enough/been fast enough but this guy’s head and heart was 100% in the game. Big up Greg Bogert indeed.

For cops who aren’t quite as effective, get a load of these two making a right hash of arresting some dude.


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