Sickening Video Shows Rich Kid Using A Puppy To Clean His Car

Puppy car

The arrogance is palpable.

A Rich Kid of London has come under fire after he was filmed using a puppy to polish a Maserati car.

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The video was uploaded to the richkidslondon Instagram account, with the caption:

The only way to wash the iconic 6.0 litre #MaseratiMC12 is with 100% natural puppy fur ensuring a proper polish.

Although he threw in that “no puppy was harmed” during the making of the video, there was a predictably angry reaction to it.

Here are a couple of the angry comments left by the online community:

If you think that is just a joke, then we’ll think you are not a person.

Messed up.


Wish you would die.

That last one was a little strong, but I guess this is the internet we’re talking about. Clearly the issue here isn’t that he was hurting the animal, but more that he was mocking it. The sheer arrogance of pretending to use your puppy to polish a £1500000 car is what has got people riled up. But then from the Rich Kids of London, we’d expect nothing less:

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