Transgender Girl Complains That Straight Guys Reject Her For ‘Having Male Parts’

How dare straight males be straight?

BBC Three are running a new documentary called Young, Trans and Looking for Love in which transgender teens Claire, Devon, Arin and Katie set out to expose the realities of what it’s like trying to date straight guys as a trans girl.

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As you might expect, some guys initially show interest only to do a complete 180 when they realise they’re chatting up a pre-op trans girl.

Watch below:


Well, not sure what they want anyone to make of that really? With all due respect it’s really not that shocking that straight guys don’t want to have sex with someone who has a penis. Are they trying to say straight guys should be more open-minded? Are you not allowed to turn someone down based on the fact they have different genitalia to what you thought? Is that supposed to be an example of how we live in a transphobic society?

Like Claire says at the end though, things will change once she gets her surgery done. I mean it will still take a super-secure guy to date even a post-op trans, but not having a penis is a good place to start.

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