The Saw Franchise Is Set To Return For An 8th Film – Here Are The Details


We’re going to play a game.

The Saw franchise got a bit stupid towards the end but it was always entertaining watching ridiculous deaths, traps and machines and then capping off with a stupid twist right at the end. It’s not exactly going to win any Oscars, but it’s a pretty fun night out with the lads or whatever. So, I was kinda sad that my Halloweens wouldn’t be shared with Jigsaw and his buddies anymore when Saw VII came out in 2010 and was dubbed ‘The Final Chapter’ – it didn’t seem like there were going to be any more of the ridiculous movies coming out any time soon.

Well, it turns out I was wrong as I’m guessing the movie industry’s inability to come up with any other good horror movie series has led to the resurrection of Saw with the catchily named Saw: Legacy. The fact that the series has managed to gross £873million worldwide on a £64million budget probably had something to do with it as well. In case you forgot how dumb Saw is, here are the top 10 Saw death traps:

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It’s still some way off but there’s no indication yet whether it’s going to be a reboot (please no) or a fresh instalment in the series. What is known is that the writers of Sorority Row and Piranha 3D have been hired to write the script – in case you didn’t know who they are then they go by the names of Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger. The creators of the first movie James Wan and Leigh Warnell are also back as executive producers, but it’s not really known what kind of an influence they’ll have over the movie.

I mean let’s face it, it probably isn’t going to be any good, but that’s exactly what we expect from a Saw movie. And with six years now since the last instalment, we can only expect it to be even gorier and more outrageous. Can’t wait.

In the meantime check out this one minute horror movie that is probably scarier than most similar full movies in the last couple of years.


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