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1950s Advertising

The Golden Age Of Advertising

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Modern advertising instantly conjures up images of a soulless, 30-something yuppy in his Slater’s suit looking around as he gets into his shitty company-branded Smart car to head to his under-furnished, over-budgeted office to laugh heartily with his soulless, Slater suit-wearing ‘friends’.

The idea makes my skin crawl.

It hasn’t always been like this.

Post-1950 was a great time for the world. After the downfall of Hitler, we were discovering DNA, inventing the Hovercraft and finding an oral vaccine for polio. Advertising throughout the 50’s & 60’s promoted the building blocks of a society that could work together and build a future to be proud of. Hollywood glamour and ‘the good life’ adorned magazine pages as shiny new projects took hold of our printing and broadcasting industries, advertising products not only for a healthier lifestyle but products you could trust in.

The following adverts show a complete utopian society; a place free of crime, free of degradation, which unite man and woman as happy, healthy equals… it’s good to see we’ve come so far.

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1950s Advertising

1950s Advertising

1950s Advertising

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