Stormzy Set To Run For UK Prime Minister

Stormzy Prime Minister



Stormzy wants to take Cameron’s spot as Prime Minister


A lot can happen in a day and that can definitely be said for the EU referendum. Since leaving not only has the pound crashed but David Cameron has announced he will step down as Prime Minister. Crazy shit.

Although Cameron sucks, Boris is potentially next in line which would just be absolute chaos. However, there’s a new, less expected potential PM that I think all of us would much rather see in the seat and that person is Stormzy.

The grime artist tweeted earlier today, “how many retweets do I need to become Prime Minister?” and already it has reached nearly 15,000 and that number is growing.

Come on guys, #StormzyForPrimeMinister – I wanna see this happen. I’m sure his policies will make a lot more sense than regular PMs. Fuck austerity, let’s get grimy.

Stormzy is such a fucking legend, he’s even got his own Nando’s burger called #MERKY.


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