Steve-O Just Suffered Major Burns And The Pictures Will Make You Vom

Don’t try this at home.

‘Jackass’ star Steve-O was rushed to hospital this week after performing his most dangerous stunt yet. Which is saying something for a guy who has set off fireworks from his arsecrack.

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The stunt was for a new comedy show he’s working on that is supposedly “going to be crazier than ever before” and it involved him “making fire angels with rocket engine fuel”. The trick earned him first and second degree burns, which resulted in some of the biggest blisters I have ever seen.

steve-o steve-o-2

Grim. And if that weren’t bad enough, check out what he did with the blister juice:

Each special thanks [at the end of the comedy special] is a blister poured into a shot glass. Then at the end of my special thanks, [I say] ‘cheers’ and drink the shot for the ending … I drank a shot of the blister juice, and it tasted like saline.

Excuse while I go and vomit into a bucket.

For more NSFL Steve-O moments, here he is discussing his most extreme drug story. Trust me, it ain’t pretty.


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