Watch These Shaolin Monks Practice Kung Fu And High Jumps On Edge Of A Really High Cliff

Shaolin Monks Training

Shaolin monks take it to the extreme yet again.

We all know that Shaolin Monks are complete ninja masters who do whatever they want whenever they want to, but it’s probably not that often we consider how long it’s actually taken them to get to that level. Photo sets like this give us some idea of the challenges associated with becoming that much of a G.

In the photos on the slideshow blow, you’ll see the monks training on the famous Mount Song in Dengfeng county in China’s Henan province where their famous temple is. They’re practising kung fu moves and high jumps on a really tiny walkway really close to the edge of the mountain with a 1500 foot drop awaiting them if they slip or mess it up. No worries.

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Shaolin Monks Training 1

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