Little Mix Member’s Shocking Anal Sex Story Exposed From Secret Camera (VIDEO)


Accidental confession.

The girl band ‘Little Mix’ have been criticised in the media for their slutty appearance, but clearly they haven’t seen nothing yet.

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While previously they’ve been ripped for dancing a bit proactively, one of the singers Leigh-Anne Pinnock just straight up blurted out an embarrassing anal sex story on live TV.

The four girls were doing a live stream interview with Refinery29 when the reporter dropped a bombshell of a question on them, asking the band if there was something they’d never do again. Leigh-Anne immediately piped up, but explained that her answer was too explicit to say out loud, before whispering it into her mate’s ear. Little did she know that there was a mic right above her head:

Whoops. Now we’ve just got to ask the question, why the fuck doesn’t she like anal? It’s the best – just ask Kanye West.


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