Study Suggests Oral Sex Is Really Good For Women’s Health And Unprotected Sex Beats Depression

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Good news all round.

A study has shown that giving men blowies without a condom can seriously boost a person’s mental and physical health. Good news all round.

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Researchers at New York’s State University and the University of Liverpool both looked into the mood altering chemicals that can be found in jizz by interviewing nearly 300 female students about their sex lives.

The study measured how much left over jizz was going round in the participants’ bodies by asking how recently they’d had unprotected sex and performed oral sex. The women were also asked to fill in a questionnaire and answer the Beck Depression Inventory.

Turns out, the ones who never used condoms were considerably less depressed than those who used condoms. I reckon it has more to do with them having decent sex than the “mood altering chemicals” found in sperm, but I’ll go with what these guys are saying because they are professionals and all that. Now we’re not saying you should go shagging around without a condom, because that’s irresponsible. Wrap up kids.


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Oddly enough the women who shagged around a lot but always used Johnnies were equally as depressed as those who didn’t have sex at all, which led them to the conclusion that the answer to depression lies in jizz. And in fact it has been proven before that sperm includes chemicals that elevate mood, promote affection and induce sleep. In addition, it can help a woman perform better with regards to concentration and cognitive tasks.

So there you have it – ladies, if you’re feeling a bit blue, all you need is a bit of spooge in your life. Simple. Guys, you can do your bit by contributing your load on a regular basis and together we can rid the world of this terrible disease.

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