Police Ask Customers To Stop Calling Drug Dealer’s Phone While They Try To Search It

Drug Dealers Phone


A police force over in Alliance, Ohio has garnered a lot of attention recently following a Facebook post where they asked drug users in the city to stop calling drug dealer Steve Notman’s phone.

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Notman was picked up on Tuesday night after he was allegedly filmed selling meth to some methheads somewhere in the city. Trying to go through his phone to gain more information about his business, they found it ‘really annoying’ that it kept ringing and interrupting their searches.

With no other options, the cops decided to take to Facebook in the hope that this post might encourage people to stop calling it:

OK so they probably only did that for lolz because it’s pretty unlikely that people desperately wondering where Steve Norman was because they couldn’t get there fix probably weren’t going to check out their Facebook page, but after the post has gone viral it might have helped some of them help with their problem. Although if they’re all methheads then they probably just called one of Norman’s colleagues/rivals to help them out with their problem by now.

However, it’s a pretty inventive use of social media and pretty jokes. It’ll also have the side effect of scaring the shit out of anyone who has picked up off Norman recently, so it might have been counterintuitive if they ditched their phones or anything because of it. Given the fact that they’re all probably methheads though, they’re probably either monging out somewhere with withdrawal symptoms or hanging out in a crackdown somewhere if they managed to get their hands on some. So it goes.

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