Photographer Captures Midnight Walks Through The Neon-Lit Streets Of Asian Cities

Ultraviolet break of day.

One of the most distinct features of large Asian cities are the hundreds of neon lights that fill up the streets from the moment darkness hits.

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London-based photographer Marcus Wendt discovered this stunning, manmade phenomenon during a bout of jetlag induced insomnia. While wandering/sleep-walking through the streets of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Seoul, he just couldn’t get enough of the mesmerising neon vibrancy of it all.

Using this as inspiration, he created a stunning photo series called ‘Ultraviolet Break of Day’. Here’s what he had to say about it, as well as a selection of images from the collection:

Plunged into a foreign dark, I found a new way of seeing, strange and alien. Synthetic light creeps into my eyes, the air thick with colours shifting and angles unbending. In the midst of the night, a new day begins.

Ultraviolet Break of DayUltraviolet Break of Day 1Ultraviolet Break of Day 2Ultraviolet Break of Day 3Ultraviolet Break of Day 4Ultraviolet Break of Day 5Ultraviolet Break of Day 6Ultraviolet Break of Day 7Ultraviolet Break of Day 8Ultraviolet Break of Day 9Ultraviolet Break of Day 10Ultraviolet Break of Day 11

What a stunning set – it’s proof that you don’t only need to be in nature to discover awe-inspiring beauty. You can find out more about this collection, HERE.

For more of the same, check this photo series that captures the diverse and fast-paced street life in Hong Kong.

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